Mogobike FAQ

What is the Mogobike?

The Mogobike is a unique form of urban transport that allows the user to collapse the scooter into the size of a piece of luggage.  To learn more about the Mogo and it’s features, visit the Mogobike Product page.

Where can I get a Mogobike?

Currently the Mogobike is available online at

Who is FTR Systems?

FTR Systems began in 2006 and from the beginning focused on creating unique products for the consumer market.  For more about FTR Systems view our About Us page.

How can I contact FTR Systems?

You can contact FTR Systems directly at (702) 982-6598 or use our Contact Us page.

How long is my warranty?

Warranty period is a year from the date of purchase.

My Mogobike is not working properly. Where can I take it for repairs?

Support issues for the Mogobike are currently handled directly by FTR Systems.  Call (702) 982-6598 for assistance.

I lost my owner’s manual. Can I get another one?

Yes. Simply provide us an email here and we can send a copy of the owner’s manual as a PDF document.

What is the maximum load weight for the Mogobike?

The recommended load weight is 200 lbs, but a rider can weigh as much as 250 lbs and still ride the Mogobike. Please note that at higher weights, mileage, speed, and battery life my vary.

Can I buy a Mogobike online?

Pre-orders for the Mogobike can be purchased through the website.

My warranty is expired and I want to make repairs myself to my Mogobike. Can you help me?

We can. FTR has a wealth of troubleshooting and repair guides available to Mogobike riders and service shops.

My warranty registration requires a serial number. Where can I find the serial number on my Mogobike?

Please view our support and warranty registration page for locating the serial number.

Is the Mogobike street legal?

All states have slightly different regulations regarding street legal vehicles.  Please consult you state and city governments for regulations regarding street legal vehicles.

Can I take my Mogobike on the highway?

No. The Mogobike has a top speed of 20 miles per hour and is not intended for highway driving.

Do I need a license to operate the Mogobike?

Each state and municipality is different. Consult you local state and city governments for regulations regarding vehicle licensing.