3 Benefits of a Green Commute with Mogobike

How can Mogobike make your commute green? Here are 3 great benefits of using the Mogobike to green YOUR commute.

1. Get Outdoors with Mogobike: A breath of fresh air!

Why not change up your daily transportation with an electric bike from Mogobike and take advantage of all the benefits Mother Nature has to offer? In the time it takes you to travel to work or school; your immune system will recharge, energy levels will rise and stress will decrease.

Thirty minutes of fresh air and activity daily improves overall health and fosters a good mood, according to livestrong.com. Serotonin, the feel good hormone, is directly influenced by the amount of oxygen you are inhaling. Gain an advantage by taking your commute outdoors and ditching the car. Your immune system needs oxygen love too! Your white blood cells kill and fight the germs you come into contact with daily and they need enough oxygen to perform at their best. So take that ride outside, your brain will thank you!

2. Save the planet: Building a greener future with reduced emissions

Did you know that the car you drive to work everyday emits almost a pound of carbon dioxide for every mile driven? A pound! And the environmental impact your car has doesn’t start or stop with your purchase. Car production leaves a huge footprint on the environment. Think about it, all the parts to your car needs before it’s ready for a spin such as steel, rubber, and glass…the list goes on and on. Then, once you’re through with it there are components left over for the world to absorb: plastics, toxic battery acids, and other.

How about doing your part to help reduce the damaging environmental effects of cars by using an electric scooter for your daily travel needs? By eliminating your car as your primary vehicle and going green with Mogobike, you can help reduce emissions and junk-yard pile ups; creating a brighter, cleaner world everyday.

3. Green Environment, Green in your pocket: Save hundreds on transportation costs with a Mogobike!

If you don’t like money, raise your hand! We didn’t think so. Everyone is interested in finding ways to enhance the green in your pocket. With electric motor scooters, your savings are constant. When you choose this alternative transportation method, you save green where it counts! Mogobike uses rechargeable batteries so you can plug into standard outlets at home or the office. Plugging a Mogobike in is as easy as charging your cell phone. Give it a charge and let it take you anywhere you need to go! If that isn’t compelling enough, each time you slow down or hit your brakes, energy is sent back into the Mogobike battery to extend your travel time. Easy, efficient and cost effective? Most definitely!

Whether you are looking to get a little more fresh air out of your day, eliminate your car from your commute or grow the green in your pocket; Mogobike is the perfect solution for you. Make your body happier, the future brighter and your wallet heavier by turning your commute green with Mogobike.

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