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The Mogobike Electric Scooter

The Mogobike offers a last mile solution for the every-day commuter. Imagine taking the bus or rail into the city for work and finishing the commute to the office on a comfortable and powerful electric scooter.

Convenience on the Move

walk-panelThe Mogobike comes ready to ride out of the box. Designed for street use, parts and equipment used on the Mogobike meet U.S. standards, meaning riders can enjoy peace of mind in the quality and safety of the equipment used. If required, riders can register their Mogobike as each scooter comes with a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

Move the Mogobike from outside to interior spaces quickly and easily. Releasing the frame locks, the Mogobike breaks down for transit. Roll it into your office or living space and store in a closet. Its compact size when folded is smaller than many products on the market today.

Smart, Eco-friendly Transportation Alternative

A fully electric vehicle, the Mogobike offers a carbon neutral transportation alternative to meet your daily commuting needs. The Lithium battery charges quickly to near capacity on a household electrical outlet. In addition, the Mogobike uses regenerative braking to restore charge back to the battery while being operated. Each time a user slows down or hits the brake, the motors send energy back to the battery to maintain and extended travel time. Cheap and conscientious travel is the perfect solution for urban commuters looking to reduce their overall commuting expense and their energy footprint on the environment.

Shipping Now

panel-bikeThe Mogobike is ready for shipping to your door.  Included is everything needed to begin enjoy this green-energy transportation solution today…and did we mention it’s just fun!  Enjoy fast free shipping direct to your door.  Not ready to buy?  Click the link below to learn more about the Mogobike’s many features and benefits.

Learn more about the Mogobike today.