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18 Nov 2015

Team Mogo Takes on San Francisco at the Green Festival

We drove nine hours from Vegas to attend the 14th annual Green Festival in San Francisco. The organizer used a new venue this year, the Cow Palace which afforded us the opportunity for space behind the booth
23 Oct 2015

Mogobike Coastal Vacation

Don’t Pay to Park on your Coastal Vacation! We all love a good beach vacation, right? We love to wander through the shops, sink our toes in the sand and feel the ocean breeze. We scramble to
20 Sep 2015

The Best Commute for Urban Living

Leave the traffic behind with the Mogobike. Enjoy a new perspective during your daily commute by cutting out the car. We have all been there; you’re on your way to work, singing along to your favorite tune
17 Sep 2015

Have More Fun In Your City with Mogobike

The Mogobike scooter will dramatically change your relationship with your city! You can have more fun on your daily commute with this convenient and smart e-bike perfect for work and play. The revolutionary Mogobike is built for
25 Aug 2015

3 Benefits of a Green Commute with Mogobike

How can Mogobike make your commute green? Here are 3 great benefits of using the Mogobike to green YOUR commute. 1. Get Outdoors with Mogobike: A breath of fresh air! Why not change up your daily transportation
8 May 2015

Mogobike Enters Pre-Production

This week the Mogobike entered its pre-production phase. Personnel will inspect and test parts and materials and assemble some units to evaluate the manufacturing process. The rest of the needed parts and materials arrive next week at
3 Apr 2015

The Street Legal Electric Scooter

One of the questions heard often about the Mogobike is “can I ride it on the street?”  The Mogobike provides everything a rider needs to ride legally and safely on the streets.  The Mogobike team took action
19 Mar 2015

Locking Mechanism for Folding the Mogobike

We’ve gone through a number of iterations on the locking mechanism.  The idea is to quickly and efficiently fold the unit and go.  We continue to refine the Mogobike design to insure it meets the needs of
18 Mar 2015

Mogobike Lights Up the Night

The Mogobike comes with everything you need to ride the streets legally and safely. A high output headlamp gives you visibility at night, along with a rear light/stop light and turn signals. The Mogobike is designed to
20 Nov 2014

IMS Long Beach

We spent last weekend in Long Beach at the International Motorcycle Show. It was a great event and you can’t beat that Southern California weather. Team Mogo members Chad, Charlie and James worked the booth to large