18 Nov 2015

Team Mogo Takes on San Francisco at the Green Festival

We drove nine hours from Vegas to attend the 14th annual Green Festival in San Francisco. The organizer used a new venue this year, the Cow Palace which afforded us the opportunity for space behind the booth to conduct test rides for attendees.

The reception for the Mogobike has been overwhelmingly positive over this last year of attending shows and the Green Festival was no exception. Team member Danny Chacon educated riders in using the unit before each test ride. All total, over 100 riders tried out the Mogobike.

Team Mogo made many new friends in the electric bike and electric scooter industry, including Simone and Layla Sassolini from Leonardo Cycles in Vallejo and the EcoReco team out of San Jose.



23 Oct 2015

Mogobike Coastal Vacation

Don’t Pay to Park on your Coastal Vacation!

take a mogobike on your next vacation destination

We all love a good beach vacation, right? We love to wander through the shops, sink our toes in the sand and feel the ocean breeze. We scramble to find that great rate at the hotel within walking distance to the ocean, and then we grimace at how expensive it is to park. You start thinking about how to get around. You have a couple options.

  1. Park the car and hike from location to location. But we already know that at the end of a sandy, beach-laden day, no one is going to want to walk “all the way back” to the hotel or bungalow.
  2. You can drive from your location to the beach. But then you will need to pay to park at each new lot close to the beach. Yikes! We can feel our wallets getting lighter just thinking about it!

What if there was a third option; one that allowed you to stay in the hotel only 1-mile off the coast and park your car once? (and leave it there!)

With an E-scooter from Mogobike, you have that third option.

Imagine; you arrive at your hotel, park your car, and plug-in your e-bike to charge while you unpack and relax. When you are ready to explore the sites, your electric scooter will be ready to take you out exploring. Hop on and get going! With Mogobike’s impressive 20-mile range and regenerative braking, you can quickly reach the beach. No driving or hiking required!

Phone died from taking too many pictures of your amazing beach vacation? How about this bonus: your electric bike has you covered there too. With its built-in USB port, you can charge while you ride so you will never again see that flashing battery symbol while you are trying to make memories.

With your e-bike from Mogobike, enjoy your paradise vacation and save some of your money for that souvenir tee. See the sights, explore other beaches, go that extra mile to try a new restaurant, and take lots of “selfies.” Your Electric scooter will get you where you need without the parking headaches or expenses.

20 Sep 2015

The Best Commute for Urban Living

Leave the traffic behind with the Mogobike. Enjoy a new perspective during your daily commute by cutting out the car.

We have all been there; you’re on your way to work, singing along to your favorite tune when suddenly you hit a major halt in traffic. Suddenly, your morning journey has gone from jamming to slamming on the breaks! Your patience and your gasoline are wearing thin and as the clock ticks you wonder why you’re sitting at a red light. Soon, you’re angry at the driver in front of you, and feeling guilty about idling and your ever-growing eco-footprint.

Fortunately, we have a few options to get you out of the car during that required morning ride to the office. The Mogobike is the solution to these urban commuting issues.

use Mogobike in your urban commutingRide the Mogobike: With Mogobike, you can take the scenic route to work and avoid all that traffic. This new ebike goes 20 miles on a single charge. Breathe in the fresh air and cruise. You may be surprised at how fast you can get to the office when you don’t compete with the rest of traffic. The durable scooter is built to last so you don’t have to worry about rough roads, go ahead, take her for a spin!

Use it on the Bus: What if you take the bus, you ask? We have that covered! Since the Mogobike folds up as small as a piece of luggage, you can take it on the bus with you. You won’t need to strap it to the front of the bus either. Simply pull it inside with you. Now you can jam out to your headphones while someone else handles the driving. Your Mogobike is ready to get you the last mile the second you step onto the curb.

Subways too: Just because you’re headed underground doesn’t mean that you have to walk the remaining mileage to your destination. Mogobike is only 50lbs and folds up so it’s an easy subway partner. Bonus, you only pay for one! Exit the subway and hop back on the ebike, riding the streets all the way there.

17 Sep 2015

Have More Fun In Your City with Mogobike

urban mobility on the mogobike

The Mogobike scooter will dramatically change your relationship with your city! You can have more fun on your daily commute with this convenient and smart e-bike perfect for work and play.

The revolutionary Mogobike is built for the urban dweller. You can ride from the elevator of your apartment to the inside of your office without ever stepping foot in an automobile! The scooter has a 20-mile range on a full battery charge and is street legal. Enjoy the outdoors of your city while utilizing the e-bike’s -cruise control. Packing 1000 watts of power, Mogobike can easily climb hills and navigate rough terrain so it’s not going to give you trouble on those cracks in the street. Cruise through your favorite park or take that shortcut on the dirt road you always wanted to try. (Perhaps it will save you those extra 5-minutes, after all).

Weighing in at 50lbs, it’s built for convenience. The scooter was built smart, like you. You need transportation that accommodates a busy and connected lifestyle. The Mogobike charges your phones and tablets with a built-in USB. Once you’ve arrived at the office, all your gadgets are fit for use and you’re connected. Plug the scooter into a standard outlet while you go about your day and your ebike is ready to ride to your next adventure.

Unfold the scooter to head out for coffee from your favorite corner shop. Easily pull the compact Mogobike behind you while you grab your order with a free hand. You can even enjoy a quick ride to meet your friends at your secret lunch spot. Arrive just in time to secure the best table outside, tucking the Mogobike at your feet. With this eco-friendly scooter from Mogobike, all of this is possible.

Check out all the features of the Mogobike to improve your relationship with your city.

25 Aug 2015

3 Benefits of a Green Commute with Mogobike

How can Mogobike make your commute green? Here are 3 great benefits of using the Mogobike to green YOUR commute.

1. Get Outdoors with Mogobike: A breath of fresh air!

Why not change up your daily transportation with an electric bike from Mogobike and take advantage of all the benefits Mother Nature has to offer? In the time it takes you to travel to work or school; your immune system will recharge, energy levels will rise and stress will decrease.

Thirty minutes of fresh air and activity daily improves overall health and fosters a good mood, according to livestrong.com. Serotonin, the feel good hormone, is directly influenced by the amount of oxygen you are inhaling. Gain an advantage by taking your commute outdoors and ditching the car. Your immune system needs oxygen love too! Your white blood cells kill and fight the germs you come into contact with daily and they need enough oxygen to perform at their best. So take that ride outside, your brain will thank you!

2. Save the planet: Building a greener future with reduced emissions

Did you know that the car you drive to work everyday emits almost a pound of carbon dioxide for every mile driven? A pound! And the environmental impact your car has doesn’t start or stop with your purchase. Car production leaves a huge footprint on the environment. Think about it, all the parts to your car needs before it’s ready for a spin such as steel, rubber, and glass…the list goes on and on. Then, once you’re through with it there are components left over for the world to absorb: plastics, toxic battery acids, and other.

How about doing your part to help reduce the damaging environmental effects of cars by using an electric scooter for your daily travel needs? By eliminating your car as your primary vehicle and going green with Mogobike, you can help reduce emissions and junk-yard pile ups; creating a brighter, cleaner world everyday.

3. Green Environment, Green in your pocket: Save hundreds on transportation costs with a Mogobike!

If you don’t like money, raise your hand! We didn’t think so. Everyone is interested in finding ways to enhance the green in your pocket. With electric motor scooters, your savings are constant. When you choose this alternative transportation method, you save green where it counts! Mogobike uses rechargeable batteries so you can plug into standard outlets at home or the office. Plugging a Mogobike in is as easy as charging your cell phone. Give it a charge and let it take you anywhere you need to go! If that isn’t compelling enough, each time you slow down or hit your brakes, energy is sent back into the Mogobike battery to extend your travel time. Easy, efficient and cost effective? Most definitely!

Whether you are looking to get a little more fresh air out of your day, eliminate your car from your commute or grow the green in your pocket; Mogobike is the perfect solution for you. Make your body happier, the future brighter and your wallet heavier by turning your commute green with Mogobike.

8 May 2015

Mogobike Enters Pre-Production

This week the Mogobike entered its pre-production phase. Personnel will inspect and test parts and materials and assemble some units to evaluate the manufacturing process. The rest of the needed parts and materials arrive next week at which time full production will begin.

We still anticipate shipping to customers in mid-June of this year. If you haven’t put your order in, please call (702) 982-6598 today or order online.

3 Apr 2015

The Street Legal Electric Scooter

One of the questions heard often about the Mogobike is “can I ride it on the street?”  The Mogobike provides everything a rider needs to ride legally and safely on the streets.  The Mogobike team took action to meet US DOT regulations and registered with the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA), the organization that manages manufacturer registrations for vehicles.  Users can search for “Mogobike” at NHTSA’s website to view the Mogobike listing.  This listing is accessible to every state for the purpose of verifying a vehicle manufacturer’s legitimacy and compliance with U.S. safety standards.

The Mogobike comes with a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).  Seeking VIN registration and meeting safety standards means that riders can register the Mogobike if required by their state.  Some states will not require registration or licensing because of the scooter’s limited top speed of 20 mph—but each state is unique.  Consult your state regulations regarding low-speed vehicles to understand whether the vehicle needs to be registered and/or licensed.

Many electric scooters entering the U.S. market meet none of these requirements, setting the Mogobike apart from the rest.  Many are simply toys, lacking any real safety features.  A poorly made tire or braking system could ultimately lead to potential injury for the rider and pedestrians.  To ensure the highest levels of safety, the Mogobike comes fully equipped with DOT approved headlights, braking, tail light and blinkers, side mirror, horn, and tires.

For more on the Mogobike scooter, stay connected at www.mogobike.com for news and updates.

19 Mar 2015

Locking Mechanism for Folding the Mogobike

We’ve gone through a number of iterations on the locking mechanism.  The idea is to quickly and efficiently fold the unit and go.  We continue to refine the Mogobike design to insure it meets the needs of our customers.  Have feedback, comments or suggestions?  Leave them below or contact us.

18 Mar 2015

Mogobike Lights Up the Night

The Mogobike comes with everything you need to ride the streets legally and safely. A high output headlamp gives you visibility at night, along with a rear light/stop light and turn signals. The Mogobike is designed to meet DOT specifications and will include a VIN for licensing and registration if necessary.

mogobike scooter safety

10 Mar 2015

Mogobike’s Electric Motors

Unlike many electric scooters on the market today, the Mogobike uses two direct-drive motors (one in each wheel hub) to push and pull the unit for increased torque, consistent power, heat dissipation and hill climbing. In testing, the Mogobike can climb a hill with a 15 percent grade at a 200lb load weight.

dual electric motors