Product Highlights Archive

3 Apr 2015

The Street Legal Electric Scooter

One of the questions heard often about the Mogobike is “can I ride it on the street?”  The Mogobike provides everything a rider needs to ride legally and safely on the streets.  The Mogobike team took action
19 Mar 2015

Locking Mechanism for Folding the Mogobike

We’ve gone through a number of iterations on the locking mechanism.  The idea is to quickly and efficiently fold the unit and go.  We continue to refine the Mogobike design to insure it meets the needs of
18 Mar 2015

Mogobike Lights Up the Night

The Mogobike comes with everything you need to ride the streets legally and safely. A high output headlamp gives you visibility at night, along with a rear light/stop light and turn signals. The Mogobike is designed to
10 Mar 2015

Mogobike’s Electric Motors

Unlike many electric scooters on the market today, the Mogobike uses two direct-drive motors (one in each wheel hub) to push and pull the unit for increased torque, consistent power, heat dissipation and hill climbing. In testing,
3 Mar 2015

The Mogobike Safety Switch

As a safety feature, the motors disengage when the Mogobike is at a stop. The rider simply clicks a button to engage the motors and applies the throttle to take off. Read more on this feature on
27 Feb 2015

The Control Screen

A pic from one of our prototypes.  The control screen displays speed, mileage counter, battery life, and time.