Folding the Mogobike

Folding the Mogobike is a quick and easy operation, but one that takes a little practice in the beginning. To shorten the learning curve, this document walks users through the folding process.

To begin, take notice of the position of the locking hinges. There are three hinges that run the along the lower frame and one on the steering column. These hinges are constructed of tempered stainless steel.

the hinges on the mogobike
Unlocking the Hinges (Step 1)

A hard plastic clip fastens the release latch that runs along the top of the hinge. Position your thumb on the release tab of the plastic clip and push it away from the latch, releasing the latch.

Run down the length of the frame, releasing all three hinges and rotating the latches upwards to unlock the hinges.

With the hinges now unlocked, notice that the Mogobike now easily pivots at each break point on the frame.

releasing the hinge, step 2

releasing the hinge, part 1

unlocked hinges

Fold the Mogobike (Step 2)

Rotate the foot pad next to you upwards. The pad will stay in place in a vertical position.

folding the mogobike

folding the mogobike

Fold the Mogobike (Step 3)

Standing on the left-hand side of the scooter, position your hand on the rear of the seat.

Fold the Mogobike (Step 4)

Fold the rear frame.

Fold the Mogobike (Step 5)

Rotate the opposite foot pad until it rests in a vertical position.

Fold the Mogobike (Step 6)

To fold the front half of the bike, reach over the scooter and grab the steering column. Rotate this towards the inside of the box until it aligns with the rear wheel.

Complete Folding

Fold the steering column and place in a closet or the back of a car.