Have More Fun In Your City with Mogobike

urban mobility on the mogobike

The Mogobike scooter will dramatically change your relationship with your city! You can have more fun on your daily commute with this convenient and smart e-bike perfect for work and play.

The revolutionary Mogobike is built for the urban dweller. You can ride from the elevator of your apartment to the inside of your office without ever stepping foot in an automobile! The scooter has a 20-mile range on a full battery charge and is street legal. Enjoy the outdoors of your city while utilizing the e-bike’s -cruise control. Packing 1000 watts of power, Mogobike can easily climb hills and navigate rough terrain so it’s not going to give you trouble on those cracks in the street. Cruise through your favorite park or take that shortcut on the dirt road you always wanted to try. (Perhaps it will save you those extra 5-minutes, after all).

Weighing in at 50lbs, it’s built for convenience. The scooter was built smart, like you. You need transportation that accommodates a busy and connected lifestyle. The Mogobike charges your phones and tablets with a built-in USB. Once you’ve arrived at the office, all your gadgets are fit for use and you’re connected. Plug the scooter into a standard outlet while you go about your day and your ebike is ready to ride to your next adventure.

Unfold the scooter to head out for coffee from your favorite corner shop. Easily pull the compact Mogobike behind you while you grab your order with a free hand. You can even enjoy a quick ride to meet your friends at your secret lunch spot. Arrive just in time to secure the best table outside, tucking the Mogobike at your feet. With this eco-friendly scooter from Mogobike, all of this is possible.

Check out all the features of the Mogobike to improve your relationship with your city.

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