Folding for Easy Storage and Transport

Lighter than most folding bicycles or ebikes, the Mogobike moves easily from the trunk of a car to the curb. The scooter unfolds quickly for riding, allowing city commuters to park their car or get off the light rail or busline and finish the “last mile” of the commute with a quick and convenient scooter ride. Its compact size when folded—standing at just 25 inches high—is smaller than many similar products on the market today, allowing users to store the unit away in a closet or under a desk.

Patented Locking Hinge

Making the Mogobike’s folding possible is the Mogobike’s unique hinge locking system. Using tempered stainless steel and rugged construction, the hinges lock firmly and securely to give riders confidence to finish the commute to the home or office.


Power Assist for People on the Move

When partially folded, the Mogobike can be used in power assist. Leaving the throttle arm up, the scooter can be brought into interior spaces like a piece of roller luggage. Commuters can walk into their office space, into an elevator or up a steep incline while under power, engaging the throttle to challenge obstacles in their daily commute. With the power assist feature, enjoy three different speed settings to adjust to your individual walking pace.
Charge Your Devices

The console includes a USB port for charging all of your devices. Use your favorite GPS app for your phone or listen to your music while plugged into the Mogobike.
  • Expanded size: 57″ L x 24″ W x 38″ H
  • Folded size: 18″ L x 14″ W x 25″ H
  • Axial distance: 44″
  • Wheel size: 12″
  • Maximum speed: 20 mph on flat surfaces at a 200lb load weight
  • Range: 20 miles at a 200lb load weight
  • Battery: Li-ion 48V 10AH
  • Rated Motor Power: 500W (x2)
  • Drive train: Direct drive
  • Maximum Loading: 250 lbs
  • Weight: 50 lbs
  • Brake: Mechanical Disc Brake (Front) and Electronic Braking
  • Frame and Rim: Aircraft grade aluminum alloy
  • Certificate: E-mark 2002/24/EC (EU) and FMVSS (US)