Mogobike Coastal Vacation

Don’t Pay to Park on your Coastal Vacation!

take a mogobike on your next vacation destination

We all love a good beach vacation, right? We love to wander through the shops, sink our toes in the sand and feel the ocean breeze. We scramble to find that great rate at the hotel within walking distance to the ocean, and then we grimace at how expensive it is to park. You start thinking about how to get around. You have a couple options.

  1. Park the car and hike from location to location. But we already know that at the end of a sandy, beach-laden day, no one is going to want to walk “all the way back” to the hotel or bungalow.
  2. You can drive from your location to the beach. But then you will need to pay to park at each new lot close to the beach. Yikes! We can feel our wallets getting lighter just thinking about it!

What if there was a third option; one that allowed you to stay in the hotel only 1-mile off the coast and park your car once? (and leave it there!)

With an E-scooter from Mogobike, you have that third option.

Imagine; you arrive at your hotel, park your car, and plug-in your e-bike to charge while you unpack and relax. When you are ready to explore the sites, your electric scooter will be ready to take you out exploring. Hop on and get going! With Mogobike’s impressive 20-mile range and regenerative braking, you can quickly reach the beach. No driving or hiking required!

Phone died from taking too many pictures of your amazing beach vacation? How about this bonus: your electric bike has you covered there too. With its built-in USB port, you can charge while you ride so you will never again see that flashing battery symbol while you are trying to make memories.

With your e-bike from Mogobike, enjoy your paradise vacation and save some of your money for that souvenir tee. See the sights, explore other beaches, go that extra mile to try a new restaurant, and take lots of “selfies.” Your Electric scooter will get you where you need without the parking headaches or expenses.

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