Monitor Your Performance

The Mogobike comes equipped with a backlight monitor for speed, trip distance, clock, battery life and total mileage.

The clock and trip meter is fully configurable. Adjust the clock to a 24 or 12 hour clock and use mileage or kilometer units of measure according to preference.

The distance counter acts as a mileage countdown, estimating how much mileage can be achieved based on remaining battery life. After the first run, the Mogobike creates a baseline for the rider, as achievable distance is calculated based on weight, riding style and terrain. The trip meter will set accordingly on the next run based on the previous baseline, giving Mogobike owners the ability to estimate the exact distance that is achievable based on their riding characteristics.


battery-longlife Lithium-ion for Power and Distance

Our lithium-ion battery offers long life and distance. In a pinch between locations and need a charge? No problem. The Mogobike plugs into standard 110V wall outlets, allowing riders to charge at home or the office with ease.

Its deceptively compact size delivers a punch of steady, consistent power during acceleration, while its 24V 10A size means a rider can enjoy up to 20 miles before needing a recharge.

Good Things Come in Pairs

The Mogobike’s patented 500 watt electric motor provides smooth consistent power on hills and uneven terrain. Using two motors (1000 watts total output), the Mogobike offers both pushing and pulling power for riders, unlike most electric scooters today that make use of just a single motor.

The dual-motor advantage felt by riders occurs not only on the straightaway, but on hills as well. Torque distribution is shared between the two motors to climb hills with a 15 percent grade. Because of the even power distribution, issues such as motor overheating, is minimized with the Mogobike’s unique two-motor design.


Take on the Elements

Knowing that the environments people ride in are as unique as the riders themselves is why Mogobike designers placed special emphasis on protecting the vital parts and components of the Mogobike. The motors are sealed for travel in wet conditions. The battery box includes a rubberized seal and the electronic components housed inside come with a special weather-resistant coating.