Preorder Program

General Program Details and Dates

Promotional pricing is for initial production run for 2015. Anticipated regular retail price is $1795. For questions regarding pricing or the preorder program, please contact us.

  • Deposits are fully refundable up until the time of shipping.
  • Estimated delivery to customers is August, 2015
  • Customers placing preorders will be eligible to be first on the list to receive their Mogobike
  • Changes to the schedule or details of the program will be communicated through email and posted on our website. Preorder customers are automatically added to the subscriber list, but can choose to opt out of email notifications. We will only use customer supplied emails for communicating news and information regarding the Mogobike product. FTR’s privacy policy maintains a “no spam” commitment to customers supplying their personal information.
  • In the case of a backorder due to demand through the program, customers will be immediately notified concerning their order status. Customers at that time can remain on the backorder list or choose to cancel their order. The refund date stated above does not apply to backorders.


Preorder a Mogobike today and receive an accessory package with your shipment. Shipments to begin in August, 2015. purchase now