Advanced Braking

The Mogobike makes use of two different forms of braking, electronic and a manual disc brake. The electronic braking is a signal sent back to the motors when the rider initially pulls back on the throttle. Electronic braking is applied at the beginning of the braking cycle and then manual braking takes over as the rider continues to apply the brake lever.

An additional perk featured on the braking system is the inclusion of regenerative braking. Found in other high-end electric vehicles, regenerative braking provides two benefits—it reverses the direction of the motors and sends that energy back to the battery to increase battery life, and offers a quick way to slow down. When riding, simply release the throttle and the motors will quickly act to slow the unit. The effect of regenerative braking is more riding distance and increased battery health and longevity.


Lightweight Strength for Everyday Driving

Like a lightweight fighter with a knockout punch, the Mogobike mixes strength with lightweight construction in the frame design.

Using high-grade aluminum found on aircrafts, Mogobike designers sought a balance between strength and lightweight construction, creating a frame that is durable enough for everyday commuting, but light enough to lift into a car.

light-night Light up the Night

Motorcycle performance lighting is what riders enjoy on those nighttime rides on the Mogobike. We built the LED performance headlamp to meet stringent regulations for both the U.S. and Europe. Our powerful headlamp makes and creates visibility for riders and other vehicles on the road. Never be afraid of the dark again.

Street Legal

Each state is different in terms of licensing and registration of electric scooters. To make things easy for Mogobike riders, the scooter will come with a VIN number and will be registered with the U.S. Department of Transportation. The scooter includes a side mirror, horn, headlight, tail light and blinkers to meet DOT regulations. The tires are also DOT certified.