The Street Legal Electric Scooter

One of the questions heard often about the Mogobike is “can I ride it on the street?”  The Mogobike provides everything a rider needs to ride legally and safely on the streets.  The Mogobike team took action to meet US DOT regulations and registered with the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA), the organization that manages manufacturer registrations for vehicles.  Users can search for “Mogobike” at NHTSA’s website to view the Mogobike listing.  This listing is accessible to every state for the purpose of verifying a vehicle manufacturer’s legitimacy and compliance with U.S. safety standards.

The Mogobike comes with a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).  Seeking VIN registration and meeting safety standards means that riders can register the Mogobike if required by their state.  Some states will not require registration or licensing because of the scooter’s limited top speed of 20 mph—but each state is unique.  Consult your state regulations regarding low-speed vehicles to understand whether the vehicle needs to be registered and/or licensed.

Many electric scooters entering the U.S. market meet none of these requirements, setting the Mogobike apart from the rest.  Many are simply toys, lacking any real safety features.  A poorly made tire or braking system could ultimately lead to potential injury for the rider and pedestrians.  To ensure the highest levels of safety, the Mogobike comes fully equipped with DOT approved headlights, braking, tail light and blinkers, side mirror, horn, and tires.

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