The Best Commute for Urban Living

Leave the traffic behind with the Mogobike. Enjoy a new perspective during your daily commute by cutting out the car.

We have all been there; you’re on your way to work, singing along to your favorite tune when suddenly you hit a major halt in traffic. Suddenly, your morning journey has gone from jamming to slamming on the breaks! Your patience and your gasoline are wearing thin and as the clock ticks you wonder why you’re sitting at a red light. Soon, you’re angry at the driver in front of you, and feeling guilty about idling and your ever-growing eco-footprint.

Fortunately, we have a few options to get you out of the car during that required morning ride to the office. The Mogobike is the solution to these urban commuting issues.

use Mogobike in your urban commutingRide the Mogobike: With Mogobike, you can take the scenic route to work and avoid all that traffic. This new ebike goes 20 miles on a single charge. Breathe in the fresh air and cruise. You may be surprised at how fast you can get to the office when you don’t compete with the rest of traffic. The durable scooter is built to last so you don’t have to worry about rough roads, go ahead, take her for a spin!

Use it on the Bus: What if you take the bus, you ask? We have that covered! Since the Mogobike folds up as small as a piece of luggage, you can take it on the bus with you. You won’t need to strap it to the front of the bus either. Simply pull it inside with you. Now you can jam out to your headphones while someone else handles the driving. Your Mogobike is ready to get you the last mile the second you step onto the curb.

Subways too: Just because you’re headed underground doesn’t mean that you have to walk the remaining mileage to your destination. Mogobike is only 50lbs and folds up so it’s an easy subway partner. Bonus, you only pay for one! Exit the subway and hop back on the ebike, riding the streets all the way there.

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